New Site has been completely redesigned!  As you may have noticed, the old site was getting a bit clumsy to navigate, and it was even harder to edit and update. When the site was started in 1999, it was hand-coded HTML written with Notepad. That was quickly replaced by a shareware HTML editor from CoffeeCup Software, and finally by DreamWeaver from MacroMedia. Although DreamWeaver streamlined the process significantly, the pages still needed to be created individually. With anywhere from ten to fifty photo pages being added after each game, it was still quite time consuming. As the site grew to several hundred pages, DreamWeaver began to bog down to a hair-pulling, head-pounding crawl. Something needed to be done…

Among them:

  • Users can leave comments on photos
  • Users can add links to Vikings or tailgating related sites
  • The guest book has anti-spam security features
  • Visitors can  “rate” the photos
  • Discussion board will be available
  • RSS feeds to notify you of updated content

Some of the new features will require a user ID and password. Just register with the Login form on the bottom left of most pages, and you’re set (no spam, I promise). In the future, additional features are planned, including the ability for users to submit photos, a web cam (virtual tailgating), as well as many others. I encourage any comments you may have, positive or negative, as the site progresses.


Welcome to the home page of the Battle Wagon, dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate tailgating vehicle. The Battle Wagon was created by four die-hard Minnesota Vikings fans of questionable sanity.The idea was conceived in late 1998 as we huddled around a camp fire in the Washington Avenue parking lot, drinking beer before a Vikings game, thinking of ways to beat the Minnesota winter. We saw a few people tailgating in their RVs, and some in their purple painted cars, vans, and pickup trucks. We’ll never know if it was sheer genius or too much alcohol, but the two ideas merged into one, and the concept that eventually became the Battle Wagon was born.

battle wagon side view

The outside of the Battle Wagon is painted Ford “Ultra Violet” with custom graphics, hand painted by Tom Griffin. Mounted on the roof are marine-type all weather speakers, Federal Signal revolving lights with purple domes, and a retractable satellite dish. There is also a CB antenna and a wind sensor for the Davis Weather Wizard III system which is installed inside the truck. On the front of the truck are yellow strobe lights, a pair of steer horns, and flashing purple fog lights. Other accessories include stainless wheel covers, Vikings flags, and a Vikings license plate.

The interior is set up like a den, with paneled walls and astroturf on the floor. There is a functional gas fireplace over one wheel well and a couch over the other. An easy chair (known affectionately as “Grandma’s Chair” in honor of the late Laura Moravec, 1900-2000) sits on one side of the fireplace, and a 25 inch color console television sits on the other. A Technics stereo receiver and the satellite decoder are placed on top of the TV. The walls are covered with Vikings memorabilia including photos of Fran Tarkenton, Fred Cox, and Mick Tinglehoff, as well as some more recent pictures of Robert Smith, Cris Carter, Randy Moss, etc. In the front of the truck are all the electronics and controls for the satellite dish, exterior lights, and sound system.

Setting Up Online Memorials

Setting Up Online Memorials
Many people find solace in online memorials. People frequently post online memorials for the persons close to them who have passed away. Many websites are available for this exact purpose. These websites function as Internet communities. They’re sources for past and present tributes to deceased persons, funeral notices, genealogy details and obituaries. 

People often set up online memorials as a means of coping with feelings of grief and loss. They also frequently do so as a means of ensuring that the memories of the deceased persons they care about so much stay strong and vivid even in death. Setting up online memorials through these communities is generally an easy, quick and completely headache-free process. All people usually have to do is register for accounts with the memorial websites. To do this, they need to provide their names and email addresses. They also need to make passwords. Last but not least, they need to read the website terms of use and then agree to abide by all of the rules. Once they’re through with all of that, they can proceed with producing online memorials. These memorials are often equipped with information about the deceased individuals’ relatives, birth dates and hometowns. They also frequently come with pictures of the deceased. 

If a person wants to memorialise a special person who passed away, an online memorial with Skymorials can make an appropriate and helpful channel in which to do so.

Signs Melbourne Services

Signs Melbourne Services

Signs Melbourne
Signs Melbourne companies still believe that providing top level service to customers in the community is the best way to success. Those customers become loyal customers and refer our business to their associates. Affordable prices that are packaged with great work is the sign of a company that really cares about their customers.Signs Melbourne companies like provide the kind of groundbreaking services that consists of creating the entire package for the customers. The top signs Melbourne companies are able to supply their customers with a wide range of materials for their business marketing and advertising. Those companies are highly sought after because they plan the sign package from the start to the finish. Quality and affordability go together in the best way possible with top professional signs Melbourne services.

Signs Melbourne by really listen to their customers. This is the only way to guarantee that the customer is completely satisfied with their design service.

Solve Your Outdoor Event Decorating Challenges With Marquee Hire

As soon as you make your decision to host your special event outdoors, you may begin to imagine how amazing your event may be. You may be dreaming of white tablecloths with beautiful floral arrangements, guests mingling casually while enjoying the fresh air and more. However, your thoughts may also turn to more functional issues, such as how you will decorate an outdoor event. A great idea is to schedule marquee hire Melbourne or Sydney for your special event.

One of the most significant challenges associated with using an outdoor venue for your special event relates to the lack of walls, ceiling or floor space. Even the most level outdoor surface will still be rather bumpy for tables and other features to be set up on. With marquee hire Sydney – or Melbourne, you can create an enclosed or semi-enclosed space outdoors. With multiple styles to choose from, you can make this space as large or small as you need it to be. Then, features like flooring, lighting, fans, tables, a stage and more can be used.

With marquee hire Sydney or Melbourne with Aussie Marquees, you will also have the ability to more easily conceal electrical wiring. The wires may run under your flooring and up poles used with the marquee frame. This makes the space more aesthetically pleasing and even safer for your party guests without limiting the use of electricity in your event.

You can more easily decorate your outdoor event space when you set up marquee hire Melbourne or Sydney. If you have concerns about how you will accomplish certain decorating goals, consider how much easier it will be to decorate your space when you have a marquee onsite. Take time to reserve a marquee for the date of your special event.

Steps to Success with Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

Making your home build project a success takes a little pre planning to ensure you cover all options but it is possible. Custom home builders in Melbourne may have a reputation for going over budget and over the time scale but this is really down to poor planning and unexpected hiccups in the road. You can help ensure that your dream home gets created in the best way possible when you follow these steps for success with custom home builders in Melbourne.

Have a vision

The first thing you need to do before you hire custom home builders in Melbourne is to have a vision. You should know what kind of home you are looking to build, how large you want it to be, how you want the layout to be and what kind of architectural design you are most interested in. The clearer your vision is the easier it will be to communicate your needs and desires and to spell out to your custom home builders Melbourne like LBD Homes exactly what you want.

Hire right

Once you have a plan of action and a vision then you need to make sure that you find the right custom home builders in Melbourne to do the job right. This means seeking someone who has the relevant experience and the right expertise to make your project run like a dream. Never hire the cheapest custom home builders in Melbourne but instead choose someone who ticks all the boxes.

A back up plan

Once the project is underway you need to be prepared for things to go over in terms of monetary costs and time frames. This is why it is a bad idea to go into home builds and custom home builders in Melbourne without any wriggle room.

Finding Time for RSA Courses Sydney

RSA courses in Sydney are all about training for the responsible sale of alcohol. It’s important for anyone working within the service or retail industry to understand how to sell alcohol responsibly in the best way possible. RSA courses in Sydney can help to build your confidence, provide better management for the environment around you and help you to understand the impact responsible sales can have on your community. Not only are RSA courses required for anyone in the industry but they are valuable skills to have that will help you to progress further.

RSA courses in Sydney teach you a plethora of things including what the responsible sale of alcohol means to you, how to interpret and understand the laws surrounding alcohol, how to help prevent drink driving and of course the impact drinking can have on families and your local community. This overall understanding of alcohol will help you to help others when it comes to enjoying alcohol in the most responsible way possible.

It’s essential that you find time when it comes to doing your RSA course Sydney –  as not only is it required you have this knowledge by law but also because it will help you to work in a comfortable environment. RSA courses in Sydney can be done in the comfort of your own home or they can be done in a classroom setting. You can usually complete your training in a day and the results and the knowledge will stay with your forever.

RSA courses don’t cost the earth with training usually offered for just over $100, take the time to complete your RSA and help the world to enjoy safe celebrations.